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Diaphragm pump KS 2085   Return



The pneumatically operated double diaphragm pump KS 2085 was designed especially for material transfer and paint spraying applications:

1.      Aluminum (ATEX Ex II 2 G Ex c IIA T6)
2.      Stainless Steel (ATEX Ex II 2 G Ex c IIA T6)

3.      Polypropylene (no ATEX)

The KS 2085 is a ruggedly designed double diaphragm pump.

A double diaphragm pump offers many advantages:

▪ Minimum pulsation for steady material flow while transfer and spraying
▪ Many-sided applicable by PTFE coated diaphragm
▪ For water-based materials suitable by stainless steel housing
▪ Easy operation by auto priming suction function
▪ Maintenance-free machine, no lubrication necessary
▪ Quick pouring by high pump performance up to 38 litres / min.
▪Integrated air safety valve according to the accident prevention regulations

The KS 2085 make these advantages together with a huge number of equipment, like different suction systems and mounting variations, a universally applicable pump for material pressures up to 8 bars and outputs up to 38 litres / min.

Wall or lid mounting as well as a mobile version on pump cart and in-patient on tripod with different suction systems are available stiffly, adaptably or with upper material container.

Technical Data  
Max. transfer: 33 Liters/min (alu + ss)
38 Liters/min (pp)
Max. Material pressure: 8 bar
Weight KS2085 (alu): 
Weight KS2085 (ss): 
Weight KS2085 (pp): 
5,8 kg
12,3 kg
4,2 kg
Suction height (without liquid): 2,5 m
Suction height (with liquid filled): 6,5 m
Air inlet min.: 0.8 to 1.5 bar
Air inlet max. (alu + ss):
Air inlet max. (pp):
8 bar
6 bar
Material temperature min. +  5 ° C
Material temperature max. (alu + ss):
Material temperature max. (pp):
+ 70 ° C
+ 40 ° C
operating frequency max. (short time):  220 DS/min.
operating frequency max. (continous): 140 DS/min.
Air connector: G 1/4“i
Material outlet (alu + ss):
Material outlet (pp):
G 3/8“i
G 1/2“i
Material inlet:  M 26 x 1.5 mm


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