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General terms of business:
§ 1 Definitions
By EUROTECHNIK it is understood to the contractor EUROTECHNIK KG
1.2 Contracting partner
The principal who has closed a contract with EUROTECHNIK is to be understood by the contracting partner.
1.3 Contract
The written arrangement is understood by the concept Contract between EUROTECHNIK and the contracting partner. The object of the contract is the sales of devices, spare parts and accessories from the EUROTECHNIK product offer .
§ 2 Applicability
2.1 Use of the general terms of business
As far as the parties have not agreed in writing on something else, these general terms of business, called in the following Terms and Conditions, by exclusion of possible conditions of the contracting partner are valid, for everybody between EUROTECHNIK and the contracting partner for concluded contracts. The general terms of business of the business partner do not become obliging also if EUROTECHNIK does not contradict again expressly.
2.2 Additional agreements, changes and supplements
Additional agreements, changes and supplements need to effectiveness of the written confirmation of EUROTECHNIK. Expressly in writing from the parties agreed divergences to these regulations are valid only for the relevant order or contract.
2.3 Use of the German right
Exclusively German right is valid for all contracts, out of this originating disputes, including these Terms and Conditions. The effectiveness of the UN-purchase right is expressly excluded.
2.4 Long-term contracts
EUROTECHNIK reserves itself the right, concerning long-term contracts to change the Terms and Conditions and to apply the changed conditions to these contracts. EUROTECHNIK will inform the contracting partner on time about any changes of the Terms and Conditions. The changed Terms and Conditions come into force 30 (thirty) days after announcement or in a later date called in this communication. If the contracting partner cannot accept the changed terms of business, this EUROTECHNIK must be informed before introduction of the changes, i.e. within 30 days in writing. The contracting partner is entitled to discontinue the contract according to the conditions agreed in it from introduction of the changed terms of business.
2.5 Not legal valid regulations
Should one of the called conditions not correspond to the valid right, the in each case valid right is to be applied basically. All the other regulations remain untouched from this.
§ 3 Realisation of the contract and quotations
3.1 Realisation of the contract
The contract comes about by the fact, that the contracting partner the written offer of EUROTECHNIK which accepts a clear description of the objects to be delivered, in writing or orally. With verbal placing of order a written confirmation of order is provided by EUROTECHNIK and is transmitted by fax or post. If is not contradicted the confirmation of order within 5 working days in writing, the order is also valid as given.
3.2 Quotations
Until not expressly differently agrees, all offers are always not-binding. As far as the offer is based on information, pictures, drawings and other documents of the contracting partner, the correctness of these documents is accepted.
3.3 Employees
Contracts, additional agreements and assurances which were concluded with employees of EUROTECHNIK need for her validity of the written confirmation by the management of EUROTECHNIK.
3.4 Retention of title in documents made available for quotes
In quotations, drawings and other documents EUROTECHNIK claims property right and copyright reserves itself; they may be made to third not accessible and must be returned with non-granting of the order immediately to EUROTECHNIK.
3.5 Costs for not carried out orders
The resulted expenditure to be booked is charged to the contracting partner (Mistake search time=working hours) if an order cannot be carried out, because
a) the complained mistake with examination did not appear,
b) a required spare part any more is not to be procured,
c) the contracting partner an agreed appointment culpably misses,
d) the order was pulled back during the realisation
§ 4 Prices, price changes and accounting
4.1 Prices
Untill differently agrees, the prices always get on than prices of the delivery ex works plus value added tax. Packing charges, transport assurance, lending fees and wear fees as well as the costs for any return of the packaging material go to loads of the contracting partner.
4.2 Sales Prices
Sales prices refer to the cost of materials and labour costs by completion of the contract. The calculation currency occurs in EURO.
4.3 Installation prices, repair prices, servicing prices and removal prices
The prices of installation work, repair work, servicing work and interior work are based on normal day wage sentences by uninterrupted working implementation. If an uninterrupted implementation of the works is hindered by some causes, the add-on costs resulting out of this to the contracting partner are charged.
4.4 Not estimated achievements
On offer the expressly estimated achievements which are necessary for the realisation of the order or are to be carried out by request of the contracting partner are charged in addition.
4.5 Account
EUROTECHNIK charges for the owed amount by invoice to the contracting partner by means of an account. On the calculations the sales tax is expelled separately. Objections with regard to the sent calculations must be announced EUROTECHNIK within 8 (eight) days in writing.
4.6 Price changes
With long-term obligations as well as arrangements which contain terms of delivery or achievement terms of more than 4 (four) months after completion of the contract EUROTECHNIK is to be carried out entitled a proportionate prize adaptation, if
a) the prices of the material required all together from contract end and/or
b) the labour costs and non-wage labour costs by legal or agreed changes all together by more than 5% rise or fall, or
c) the value added tax, as well as other taxes, fees or deliveries are changed.
4.7 Calculation position for arrangements and customised solutions
Investment shops and customised solutions are subtracted as follows:
· 40% of the agreed price become due with confirmation of order. The agreed term of delivery begins with the day of the payment entrance.
· 40% of the agreed price become due with announcement of the dispatch readiness. The dispatch begins on the day after the payment entrance.
· 20% of the agreed price are after introduction / handing over, at the latest however, 30 days after completion of the subject matter of the contract.

As a completion is valid also without written decrease if the contracting partner uses the subject matter of the contract for the duration of more than one week regularly.

4.8 The EUROTECHNIK „money back guarantee“
EUROTECHNIK takes delivered products if not satisfied within 4 weeks from date of purchase of the product, the invoice date, against allowance of the purchase price is decisive back. The return is to be announced before in writing and freely has to occur house address EUROTECHNIK or an address to be named by EUROTECHNIK. The back end term is valid as full if the written notification comes in time with EUROTECHNIK and the return of the product occurs within 7 days after written announcement of the back end address through EUROTECHNIK. The amount of the restitution of the purchase price (product price =100%) is directed according to the following criteria:
· Return of the unused product in intact original packaging 100 % 
· Return of the unused product in damaged original packaging   85 %
· Return of the unused product without original packaging   75 % 
· Return of the used, but intact product   50 % *
· Return of a damaged product  no return !!!

* less cleansing costs according to the in each case valid prices of the authorised workshop KOPPERSCHMIDT.

4.9 Exceptions
§4.8 is not valid for products or goods which were procured especially for the contracting partner or were made or by circumstances which are not to be represented by EUROTECHNIK, were damaged irreparable. These goods are not taken back basically.

Returns with an invoice-date older than 4 weeks, a handling charge is raised at the rate of 15% of the goods value. 

Goods returns to those no copy of the purchase invoice is enclosed or whose invoice date dates back longer than 6 months, are not taken back.

§ 5 Payments
The settlement has to occur in the manner given on the calculation and within the term called on the calculation. In the absence of special arrangement the payment is to be carried out purely net without every deduction 30 (thirty) days after calculation date in such a way that EUROTECHNIK the amount agreed for the calculation balance is available at the latest in the day of maturity. In addition, the arrangement of the following payment aims is possible:
a) Payment within 8 days with 2 (two)% of discount payment deduction (only by goods deliveries within Germany)
b) Payment within 30 days purely net without deductions (by goods deliveries to customer within the goods overdraft limit)
c) For customers with a German bank connection payment is also possible by bank debit in each case to 15. and 1. every month with 3% of discount on the invoice amount with individual invoices or to 1. every month with 3% of discount on the invoice amount with month-collective calculations. The leasing calculations which are debited a sum to an account by the respective appointments purely net are excluded.
d) Deliveries and achievements outside from Germany, to new customers or Internet sales or to existing customers who have clearly crossed the agreed payment aims for several times, are supplied basically only against cash payment by delivery / collection or pre-payment. With precash or cash payment a discount of 3% is granted (except for articles from the special offer / bargain market).
5.2 Change and cheques
EUROTECHNIK is not obliged to take change or cheques by payment. If they are accepted, there follows the acceptance only on fulfilment. The contracting partner bears collection and discount costs as well as the change tax. These expenses are to be compensated to EUROTECHNIK together with the invoice amount. For timely notification and back management of the change in case of the nonredemption EUROTECHNIK takes over no guarantee.
5.3 Deayed payments
If the contracting partner does not pay up to the date which in the invoice is stated, he is in default, without a separate notice of default is necessary.
5.4 Interests for delay
If the contracting partner does not pay the invoice amount owed by him on time, he owes from the date of the default on account of the precalled regulations interests for delay at the rate of 12.5% p.a.
5.5 Extension of the payment liability
An objection of certain performances does not lead to a suspension of the payment duty for these performances and/or deliveries.
5.6 Deterioration of the solvency of the contracting partner
If the solvency of the contracting partner gets worse in the period to the access of the purchase or and the delivery and/or performance or becomes known EUROTECHNIK afterwards that against the solvency doubts exist, EUROTECHNIK is entitled to require payment before entry of the agreed payment or to keep back onto the receivable delivery and/or to push open the execution of the performance.
5.7 Rights of retention and compensation
The contracting partner renounces the assertion of rights of retention. The compensation by the contracting partner is admitted only so far when these counterclaims are recognised by EUROTECHNIK or are ascertained legally.
5.8 Judicial and extrajudicial expenses
EUROTECHNIK is entitled, all judicial and extrajudicial expenses which arise from the collection of a demand to let go completely or partially to costs of the contracting partner.
5.9 Security position
EUROTECHNIK is entitled to require security with regard to the payment before the beginning of the completion of contract.
  5.10 Customers outside Germany
    The delivery to contracting partner with company headquarters and/or address of delivery outside Germany follows against prepayment only.
§ 6 Liabilities of EUROTECHNIK
6.1 General liabilities
If from EUROTECHNIK within the scope of the completion of contract to provided or sold objects the qualities do not own which may be accepted on grounds of the contract, EUROTECHNIK is to be carried obliged as soon as possible for the removal of the shortages or for substitute worry.
§ 7 Liabilities of the contracting partner
7.1 Copyright protection
The contracting partner puts EUROTECHNIK free from all claims of third on compensation with regard to the injury of possible copyrights in within the scope of the contract of him to provided bases, subscriptions, etc.
7.2 Necessary permissions
The contracting partner is obliged to take care of the application of the necessary permissions and/or licences for the purpose of installation and repair of the subject matters of the contract before the contract beginning. In case of an injury of this liability to upraised claims of third are a burden exclusively to the contracting partner.
7.3 Necessary information
If the completion of contract is depending on dates, payments, documentations, bases, technical specifications or machines and/or equipment which must be made available by the contracting partner by contract, then the contracting partner is also held to deliver this at the latest up to the differently agreed date called in the contract.
§ 8 Delivery deadline
8.1 Non-binding periods
Specifications of delivery deadlines are non-binding. Delivery deadlines are only obliging if they are agreed and are called expressly in writing obliging.
8.2 Timely selfsupply
Right and timely selfsupply of EUROTECHNIK is a condition.
8.3 Beginning of the delivery deadline
The delivery deadline begins with the sending of the order confimation or, however, not before adduction of the bases to be purchased by the contracting partner, licences, releases as well as before entrance of the agreed deposit. The delivery deadline is kept if up to her expiry the object of delivery has left the plant / warehouse or the dispatch readiness is informed.
8.4 Force majeure and unpredictable obstacles
If a delivery deadline is expressly called obliging, this period is extended appropriately with are given to force majeure (blocks of vehicles and impediments, shortage of means of transportation, strikes, war) as well as by the entry of unpredictable obstacles as can be proved on the completion or delivery of the object of delivery of considerable influence are. This is also valid if the circumstances enter with suppliers. The precalled circumstances are also not to be represented by EUROTECHNIK if they originate during an already being default. Beginning and end of such obstacles will inform in important cases EUROTECHNIK the contracting partner as soon as possible. If the impediment lasts longer than 3 (three) months, the contracting partner is entitled, at the end of an adequate extension withdraw from at least 30 (thirty) days of the contract. The extension must be put in writing. The resignation of the contract must be explained by certified letter. The right of withdrawal can be carried out only within 2 (two) weeks at the end of the extension by the contracting partner. A compensation claim of the contracting partner because of late delivery is excluded in all cases.
8.5 Delay in delivery
By disregard of the period for deliveries and performances from others than less than 8.4 called reasons the contracting partner is able – provided that he makes plausible that damage has arisen to him from the delay – a default reparation of every perfect week of the delay of ½ (half) % to the extent of 5 (five)% on the whole of the value of that share of the delivery or performance ask which could not be taken because of not timely completion of single belonging to it objects in useful company. 

The right of the contracting partner to the resignation after futile expiry of an extension sedate by EUROTECHNIK remains untouched.

8.6 Purchase refusal
If the contracting partner refuses the purchase of the subject matter of the contract, EUROTECHNIK can set an adequate time limit for the purchase. From this time the danger of the setting and the deterioration on the contracting partner goes over. EUROTECHNIK is entitled to charge for warehouse money at the rate of ½ (half) % of the invoice amount for every started month to the contracting partner 1 (one) month after announcement of the dispatch readiness; the warehouse money is limited to 5 (five)%, unless higher expenses are proved.
8.7 Part delivery and share performance
Part deliveries or share performances are allowed. Events this at the instigation of the contracting partner, so this carries the additional costs originating from it.
§ 9 Retention of title
9.1 Retention of title
The objects delivered within the scope of a sales contract remain up to the entire payment of all demands of the contracting partner from the business connection with EUROTECHNIK – including the in future originating demands – in central issue and secondary matter a property of EUROTECHNIK. With current invoice the reserved property is valid as a protection for the balance demand of EUROTECHNIK. By injury of important contractual obligations, in particular with default, EUROTECHNIK is entitled after reminder to the taking back of the reservation product and the contracting partner is obliged to the publication or if necessary assignment of the publication claims against third.
9.2 Insurance
EUROTECHNIK is entitled to insure of the reservation product at the expenses of the contracting partner against theft, break, fire, water and other damages, provided that the contracting partner himself has not taken out the policy as can be proved.
9.3 Treatment or processing of the reservation product

A treatment or processing of the reservation product follows on behalf of EUROTECHNIK, namely free of charge as well as without liability for this so that EUROTECHNIK is to be looked as a manufacturer according to §950 German Commercial Code, so at every time and degree of the processing in the products property keeps. By processing or mixture with others, EUROTECHNIK to belonging objects by the contracting partner, EUROTECHNIK the joint ownership is not entitled in the new case comparatively of the invoice value of the reservation product to the other processed goods at the moment to the processing or mixture. The so originating coproperty rights are valid as a reservation product for the purposes of these conditions. 

If the reservation goods are connected by EUROTECHNIK with other movable objects to a uniform case or are mixed inseparably, and the other case than central issue is to be looked, is valid as is agreed that the contracting partner EUROTECHNIK transfers according to interest joint ownership, as far as the central issue belongs to him. Otherwise, for by processing and the connection as well as mixture originating new case is valid same like with the reservation product. She is valid as a reservation product for the purposes of these regulations.

9.4 Pledgeing and security conveyance
The contracting partner is not entitled to pledge to him under retention of title to delivered objects or to convey for the protection. The contracting partner is obliged to indicate seizures as well as seizure or other court orders of the retention of title rights EUROTECHNIK immediately in writing and to inform the seizure believers of the retention of title.
9.5 Wide disposal
The demands of the contracting partner from a wide disposal of the reservation product are already resigned now for the protection of all demands from the business relation with EUROTECHNIK, namely indifferently whether the reservation product is without or after processing and whether it is resold to one or several buyers. The competence of EUROTECHNIK to draw the demands independently remains untouched from this, undertakes, however, EUROTECHNIK not to draw the demands, as long as the contracting partner to his bills of debt follows properly. EUROTECHNIK can require that the contracting partner announces to him the resigned demands and their debtors, everybody the move makes to essential informations, the matching bases hands over and the debtors informs of the assignments. If the product is resold together with the other goods which belong to the contracting partner, the demand of the contracting partner is valid against the buyer by height between EUROTECHNIK and the contracting partner of agreed delivery price as resigned. The contracting partner is only entitled to resell the product in the well-arranged routine if the demand from the wide disposal on EUROTECHNIK goes over. The contracting partner is obliged on demand by EUROTECHNIK to announce the assignment to a third to the payment in EUROTECHNIK.
9.6 About value of the securities
If the value of the securities existing for EUROTECHNIK exceeds his demand in total about more than 20 (twenty)%, EUROTECHNIK is obliged on demand of the contracting partner or one by the Übersicherung of EUROTECHNIK affected third in this respect to the release after choice of EUROTECHNIK.
§ 10 Purchase and transfer of perils
10.1 Transfer of perils by delivery
The danger of the setting, the deterioration and the sending goes over in all cases on the contracting partner, as soon as the object of delivery leaves the offices or storerooms of EUROTECHNIK or appointed suppliers, also if freight-free delivery is agreed, share performances follow or EUROTECHNIK still other performances has taken over. Delayed itself the sending of the subject matter of the contract for reason, the EUROTECHNIK does not have to represent, the danger already goes over in announcement of the transport readiness on the contracting partner.
10.2  Purchase with mounting or repair
EUROTECHNIK carries in case of from installation of the subject matter of the contract the danger up to the purchase of the performance. If the subject matter of the contract becomes, nevertheless, before the purchase by force majeure or inevitable, from EUROTECHNIK does not damage circumstances to be represented or is destroyed, claim EUROTECHNIK to payment of the up to now exported works as well as the other resulted expenses has. Machine of the contracting partners with the purchase in default, so the danger goes over at the default time (written ready report of the subject matter of the contract and/or sections) on him. The same one is valid, if the installation of the subject matter of the contract for reasons of which the contracting partner has to represent (e.g., default, being absent licences or bases, etc.) it is interrupted and if EUROTECHNIK has handed over the performances produced till then by agreement in the care of the contracting partner. The installation performance is to be taken after completion, even if the final Einregulierung has not followed yet. The same one is valid after successful trial commissioning / use.
10.3 Right of inspection of the contracting partner
The contracting partner has the right to check the subject matters of the contract before the transport or to check. Power of the contracting partners of this right no use, so EUROTECHNIK may suppose that the subject matter of the contract has been delivered in good state and completely.
10.4 Insurance
Provided that the contracting partner expressly does not contradict, all deliveries are insured against damages in transit. The expenses for this are calculated to the contracting partner with the commercial invoice. For other insurance cover as for example theft, break damages, fire damages and water damages or other insureable risks the contracting partner himself has to take care.
§ 11 Installation, mounting and dismantling
11.1 Expenses for the contracting partner
For every kind of installation, mounting, dismantling and repair, untill other is agreed in writing, the following regulations are valid:
The contracting partner has to take over on his expenses and to put on time:
a) Assistants like odd-job man, stacker with driver, locksmith, electrician or other skilled workers with the tools required by them and in the necessary number.
b) All extra works foreign to industry, including the building materials required in addition.
c) To the mounting, commissioning and dismantling to necessary utility items and demand materials, distant scaffoldings, hoists and other devices.
d) To the mounting, commissioning, company and/or dismantling to necessary company licences and/or planning permissions considering the in each case valid regulations, laws and guidelines.
e) Powers and water including the necessary connections up to the use place, heating and general lighting.
f) At the mounting place for the safekeeping of the machine parts, apparatuses, materials, tools, etc. enough big, suitable, dry and closeable rooms.
g) Protective clothing and safety devices which are necessary as a result of special circumstances of the mounting shares or the mounting place and are not industry-customary for EUROTECHNIK.
11.2 Expenses in case of from blameless delays
If the installation, the mounting or dismantling is delayed by circumstances without fault of EUROTECHNIK, the contracting partner has to bear the costs for waiting period and further necessary trips of the mounting staff in adequate extent.
§ 12 Guarantee
12.1 Guarantee
EUROTECHNIK sticks for the shortages to which also the absence of assured qualities counts as follows:
a) On all machines from the product programme EUROTECHNIK, EUROTECHNIK grants a high-class guarantee of 2 (two) years on the used material as well as on perfect processing. EUROTECHNIK sticks for finishing touches or spare parts up to the expiry of the warranty period applying for the original object of delivery which is extended by the duration of the finishing touches or spare delivery.
b) The guarantee regulations of the respective manufacturer are valid for products of other manufacturers.
c) For the shortage removal the contracting partner EUROTECHNIK has to grant the time necessary at reasonable discretion and opportunity. If he refuses this, EUROTECHNIK is released from the liability for defects. Only in urgent cases of the danger of the operational safety and to the defence of unreasonably big damages and EUROTECHNIK is to be informed immediately and to be informed about the deliberate measures, or if EUROTECHNIK is with the removal of the shortage in the default the contracting partner has the right to let remove the shortage or by third and to require the substitute of the necessary expenses from EUROTECHNIK.
d) If the dispatch or installation of the subject matter of the contract are delayed without fault of EUROTECHNIK, the liability goes out at the latest 12 (twelve) months after transfer of perils.
e) For foreign products the liability of EUROTECHNIK limits itself to the assignment of the liability claims, the EUROTECHNIK against the presupplier of the foreign product are entitled.
f) To assert the right of the contracting partner, claims from shortages, comes under the statute of limitations in all cases from the time of the rebuke in 6 (six) months, at the earliest, nevertheless, with expiry of the warranty period.
12.2 Guarantee exclusions
EUROTECHNIK takes over no guarantee for damages, they have originated for following reasons:
a) Inexpedient or improper use, faulty mounting, installation or commissioning or servicing by the contracting partner or third, natural wear (wearing parts), faulty or negligent treatment, use of exchange materials, or shortages which are based on mistakes on the basis of the contracting partner of delivered construction bases, inexpedient operating resources, chemical, electro-chemical, electric or physical influence, provided that they are not to be led back on a fault by EUROTECHNIK.
b) This is in particular also valid if the trial dates change by – on the part of the contracting partner or third – improperly to exported changes so that the machines, to dates / performance features specific for layout cannot be kept any more.
c) With improper repair / repair by the contracting partner or on the part of third, in particular within the guarantee period and without previous written licence by EUROTECHNIK, or by use from EUROTECHNIK not of released spare parts, no liability is not assumed for from it originating damages to the subject matter of the contract or other results.
12.3 Repair expenses
From by the repair or spare delivery to immediate expenses carries EUROTECHNIK – in so far as the objection turns out as entitled – the expenses of the spare part including the dispatch as well as adequate expenses of the removal and installation. Besides, the commensurability is to be protected; i.e. the expenses for the shortage removal may not cross 20 (twenty)% of the performance / delivery produced by EUROTECHNIK.
12.4 Other claims by finishing touches
All the others are excluded, to further claims of the contracting partner, including all compensation claims because of secondary damages and damages from the realisation of the finishing touches or spare delivery, as far as legally allowed and it concerns culpable negligence or intention.
§ 13 Liability
13.1 General restriction of liability
a) EUROTECHNIK sticks only for damages, caused by itself or her employees, as far as it concerns intention or culpable negligence.
b) This is also valid for claims for compensation of the contracting partner from fault by contract conclusion, injury of contractual accessory obligations and tortious act. This liability limitation is valid for the contracting partner accordingly.
c) In the case of the slight negligence a liability exists only if contract-weight-bearing contractual obligations are injured or insurance cover exists. In case of the carelessness the liabilty risk is limited on the part of EUROTECHNIK to maximum ½ (half) value of the subject matter of the contract per case of damage. Particularly with regard to secondary damage and company damages the conclusion of an additional insurance is recommended, in view of the liability limitation.
13.2 Product liability
The liability as a manufacturer on account of the product liability law limits itself to a limit of 25,000€ per case of damage. It is worth solely German, or where appropriately, European right. A liability to US-American and UN option to buy is basically excluded by direct or indirect delivery in his area of application.
13.3 General regulations in case of the impossibility of the performance
If EUROTECHNIK the delivery or performance becomes impossible, are valid the general principles of law with the following possible specification:
a) If the impossibility on fault is to be led back by EUROTECHNIK, the contracting partner is entitled to require compensation. However, there limits itself the compensation claim to 5 (five)% of the value of that share of the delivery or performance which cannot be taken because of the impossibility in useful company.
b) The claims for compensation of the contracting partner which exceed the called border at the rate of 5% are excluded. This is not valid, as far as EUROTECHNIK sticks in cases of the intention or the culpable negligence compelling. The right of the contracting partner to the resignation remains untouched.
c) The text and sense of the German-speaking version is valid on account of the possibility of translation errors for the general terms of business into other languages than the German basically.

§ 14 Secrecy
14.1 Business secret
The contracting parties commit themselves, everybody, also evident details, information and dates of the parties which become known by the business relation how to treat business secret. This imposed secrecy also exists after the duration of the cooperation.
14.2 Use only within the scope of the contract
The contracting parties undertake to use in paragraph 1 of this section to called information exclusively within the scope of the contract.
14.3 Liability also third impose

As far as the contracting parties pull up third persons for the completion of contract, they oblige this to the same care.

§ 15 Notice
15.1 Written notice
The contract can be finished, untill differently agrees, with a term of notice of 3 (three) months of both contracting parties.
15.2 Notice without observance of the term of notice
With a default, in case of from extension of payment, bankruptcy or comparison the contracting parties are entitled to finish the contract without observance of a term of notice. That which has caused the reason for the immediate ending is held to compensate for the damage resulted on account of the ending the contracting party.
§ 16 Streitigkeiten
Sole jurisdiction is indirect with all from the contractual relationship or immediately to arising litigations the seat of EUROTECHNIK in Euskirchen, Germany.
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